K for Kwality

Kifu Coffee Roasters’ mission is to find, roast [to perfection], and deliver the highest quality coffees in the world. This is what we mean by “Kifu Kwality.”

Quite simply, when people drink our coffee, we want them to think, “This is the best cup of coffee I have ever tasted.”

Do I actually believe our coffee is the best in the world? Of course! And shame on any roaster who doesn’t! Whether it’s true or not is up for you to decide.

The specialty coffee industry is growing rapidly because people have begun to recognize the vast difference there is between Arabica and Robusta coffees. Coffee has transitioned from a drug to a delicacy (with benefits 🙂 ), and all because the recognition of a quality difference. Until recently, coffee roasters were seemingly inaccessible, mysterious entities (Are they people? Are they machines? Robots? Aliens?) that existed behind a veil in some etherial Oz-like existence. Whatever happened with coffee before it ended up in that bag, it wasn’t knowledge privy to the public…until now. Now there are thousands of home roasters dispersed throughout the country who have realized (1) fresh coffee is infinitely better than coffee that has sat in a bag for weeks and (2) “Hey, I can do this myself!” Now the word is out, the veil lifted, and if people are not roasting their own coffee, they are looking for a local roaster. If you represent the latter of those two kinds of people, we are glad you’ve stopped by! Kifu Coffee Roasters offers fresh, local quality at commercial capacity. We roast-to-order ONLY! Our inventory is entirely unroasted coffee, not roasted-and-getting-stale coffee. We currently only roast twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays), as orders come in, rather than roasting large batches and waiting for orders to come in (i.e., the status quo…). That means, your coffee is roasted, bagged and shipped within a single day. That’s fresh. But that’s only half the formula for excellent coffee. The bean itself matters most! We only buy coffees from the most reputable importers in the country. There are many importers that are cheaper, but they often sell last year’s crop, care little about quality, and care nothing about the people who produced their coffee. By purchasing from the best importers in the country (Café Imports, Royal New York, Royal Coffee, CA) we are able to sample products before buying them, thus enabling a meticulously selected product line. Before the beans even hit your shelf or your cabinet they have gone through a rigorous sampling process by both our importers and us—I order less than a tenth of the coffees I sample!

Also, because of the money we save by operating as a roaster only, not a coffee shop also, both our time and financial investment can be and is focused entirely on the quality of our coffee. We roast on an Ambex YM-15 using a digital operating system called ProfilePlus RT. This system allows for precisely controlled profile roasting of up to 120 lbs. of coffee per hour (up to a 1,000 lbs. a day!). Whether you are a single college student, a family of five, a small coffee shop, or a multi-store operation, we are suited to be your coffee provider. And with years of roasting experience oneverything from a popcorn popper to a 750 lb. commercial roaster, our coffee is the perfect blend of art and science and is truly among the best coffee available on the market today.

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