I for Impact

Impact Then: KCR began as a part of a mission and will continue in that trajectory. Our history tells our story. In 2008, we, Jeremy and Keldy, held a fund-raising event in which money was handed out to individuals or companies willing invest it in various ways to raise money for different causes. There was a six month time frame, at the end of which all the money would be pooled together and given to select causes. Keldy and I invested in a small coffee roaster and began selling coffee to friends and families…and then strangers began to contact us. Before long, we were providing for our local community with all the proceeds going back into the ‘mission’ which got us started. At the end of that six months, we decided to keep doing what we were doing as a not-for-profit entity. We did that until July of 2011.

Impact Now: Now that we are transitioning into a for-profit business, we are doing so with the same heart for mission. We have three primary means of impact for our friends in the global village: (1) Cows for Communities; (2) Hope Africa Collective; and (3) Doing Family Right.  Click the cow to find out more about our Cows for Communities program. Hope Africa Collective is a holistic community development mission based in South Africa that seeks to build sustainable communities through education and life skills courses, healthcare, small business development, and a ministry of reconciliation.Doing Family Right is a missions organization that is geared towards encouraging marriages and families, which we believe is of critical importance in our culture today.  Each of these missions receive 5% of our proceeds, so as we grow, so does our capacity to give! We’d love for you to join us in making an impact across the globe today. Get coffee today and give hope for tomorrow!

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