Welcome to Kifu Coffee Roasters! We are a wholesale roaster located in central Kentucky with a very simple mission: to find, roast [to perfection], and deliver the highest quality coffees in the world. It’s that simple. And while we offer coffees from across the ‘globe,’ we never lose sight of the ‘villages’ from which they come. We like to think of our coffees as “coffee from the global village,” recognizing that the globe which separates us is the same globe that connects us. As such, we all have a responsibility to treat our global market like our village market, making sure that no one flies under the radar of justice. So welcome to our little hut in the global village.

The Origin of Kifu

Kifu Coffee Roasters began as a fundraising venture in 2008 and has grown into a significant coffee provider for local consumers. In July 2011, we transitioned from an entirely not-for-profit operation to a wholesale and retail business. Our mission as a commercial coffee roaster is essentially four-fold:

  1. Kwality: To find, roast [to perfection], and deliver the highest quality Arabica coffees available;
  2. Impact: To give back to the “global village” through our “Cows for Communities” program and various partnerships with other missions;
  3. Fairness: To buy and sell responsibly by buying coffees at a fair price and selling them at a fair price; and
  4. Uncompromising: To go above and beyond to satisfy our customers with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.
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